Why doesn't Steinberg digitally sign their software?

I wanted the DSPMIX or whatever it’s called mixer app on my new system for my UR44.

So a process that should have take 5 minutes turned into an hour long process of downloading/installing firmware, additional software I didn’t even want, an “Elicenser” program (Not even sure what that is for), pointless headaches from the OS, etc., etc.

But my main gripe here is this: Steinberg, why are you not digitally signing your software so Mac users (and I’m going to assume Windows users) can install it without the headache of the operating system rejecting the software because it’s not signed?

You are one of the largest and well known developers of audio software, and have been for over 20 years. Yet you can’t even bother to digitally sign your software?

By your own admission you’re aware of the issue, yet you just fail to do it. In Steinbergs “Help Center” there is an article that I can’t link here because I can’t include links (lol?) “Mac-OS-X-Gatekeeper-and-Steinberg-Products”

And I shouldn’t have to install firmware just to get the mixer app. And drivers? MacOS doesn’t even need drivers for audio interfaces. And an elicenser? What? The process just feels beyond antiquated. I won’t be buying further steinberg hardware or software.

Never had it rejected on PC

dspMixfx does not require installing anything aside from itself, and doesn’t need a license to use with the device.

Of course Steinberg uses best practices in regard to digital signing. Your rant did not include your OS version, which might be relevant. Not sure here if you grokked that 10 year old article completely.

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