Why doesn't Steinberg provide demos with the release?

Why doesn’t Steinberg provide demos with the release of their software. The only difference between a full licence and a demo is the activation code. How hard can it be to e-mail a demo-activation code?

Providing demo-codes at the release date would, clearly, increase sales. The are lots of users who want to try the new version before deciding to purchase the update! Delaying the demo licences will only annoy and irritate these these customers.

There is absolutely no point what-so-ever to delay the availability of the demo-licences. That is, unless it’s Steinbergs intention to reduce sales!

Same as ever, to cash more money in. When you realize that something does not work as advertised they can say “all sales a final”

Because they don’t want to discourage people with bugs of the initial release.


I think there may have been demos for customers interested in UPGRADING from ARTIST to PRO (as I am sure I tried it once). But that is a slightly different scenario from what you are discussing.



No, it isn’t. There is an update 9.0.1 for free download. Since Steinberg updates are the full application installers. I can install this and all I need now is a simple demo activation code for the eLicencer.

If I’m interested in the demo as a new customer or as an excising customer who’s thinking makes no difference what-so-ever.