Why doesn't the "audio file import" preview work?

I have a weird problem over here. For some reason, when I want to import a sample, I hear no sound anymore when I preview it. I go to File > Import > Audio File … I get the box (like in the pic below) but when I click on a sample, it starts to auto play, only there’s no sound! Anybody know why? Is there a setting I need to change?

Okay, I have actually just figured out what was wrong …
Let me answer my own question here, in case anyone else runs into the same problem.
I figured it probably was something to do with the “VST Connections” in the Devices panel. And indeed, under the tab “Studio”, the bus Monitor 1 was routed to the wrong port. After I routed it to my main monitor outputs, everything worked perfectly like before.

You’re welcome. :laughing:


Yes, this is exactly, how did you write it. In the Cubase 6/5 with the Studios, Monitors Busses and Control Room, the Main Output should be throught this Monitor 1. Btw: this Output is used for pre-listen in the MediaBay.

In the lower version of Cubase (Artist/Studio/Elements/Essential), there is no Control Room. As a Main Output you have to use “Stereo Output” bus (you can rename it, if course) from the Outputs tab in the VST Connections.