Why doesn't the GA4 instrument track show the tempo GRID???

I have this strange problem now and getting a little bit pissed of to Cubase andmore to myself. I am just too damn stupid to understand.

I have this audio track (a complete song) from my customer on top of which I would have to edit new drums.
OK, so the tempo of the song fluctuates and I managed to make a tempo track with varying tempo in it and now the click follows the song acceptably well.

But I have an instrument track with Groove Agent 4SE associated with and I would like to start making drums with my own drum sounds on that track.

But the damn problem is that this Instrument Track doesn’t show any kind of a grid according to the Tempo Track that I made!!! I’m so pissed after fighting 3 days with this issue that I could fuck a pig and hopefully getting it pregnant.

Below are pics; one is an overview pic of my track arrangement and the Tempo track visible.

The other pic shows the event on the GA4 instrument track from where You can see that there actually are some kind of a grid points there but I don’t have a damn clue that where it gets them from and why the heck it doesn’t show the grid according to my Tempo track!!!

Please help me! This is an important customer who asked me to re-program drums and I have never felt this stupid. This is just too damn difficult.
audio grid with strange empty parts in it.jpg
Audio file with a TEMPO track.jpg


Your grid is based on some VMYb7pm3cwQ. I don’t know, where this pattern comes from. Ope Quantize panel, and set the grid to 1/16 or something like this.

Hope this helps.

I suspect you took the groove as template from the tempo track. This being said, sometimes hit point detection skips points that are noticeable by ear, causing big gaps in your groove template. You can try to adjust the hit point treshold of the original audio file to get a better grid detection going on.

Without hearing the actual file I cannot say that much else, as the visual representation does not show the type of music, but if this is more an acoustic sound, I suggest as alternative tip you use a small bit of the groove that contains proper hitpoints, and copy that pattern over to the rest of the song. You can then manually nudge the hits that are too much off beat.

This is a tedious job, but can give your work a human feel/ swing, instead of putting all too tight on grid.

Good luck!