Why dont i see my UR22-C input control when in mono?

Hopefully I’ll explain this clearly.
If i have a stereo audio track in CB Pro 11 (win10), i get an input section that shows me the level, and allows a few adjustments like phantom power etc.
If i create a Mono audio track i dont get this at all, just the output section showing master output levels.
Is this normal? Do i need to turn something else on?
Not using Control Room.


The Audio Device (Hardware) is shown on the Input Channels only, not on the Audio tracks.

Yes, thats right, but why not on my mono tracks? Ive created two audio tracks. One mono, one stereo. Only the stereo one has the full set.
I use stereo for keyboard inputs and mono for guitar and bass.

In fact if i unlink the left and right in the UR22-C control panel i also lose all the input features in Cubase. I can see this whole input section disappears in the Inspector when I click on the button that links and unlinks the left and right in the control panel.

Ok, i think ive figured it out. If i create a Mono input Bus everything works as expected.
Why then, if i chose just the left or right input on the stereo Bus do I lose the input features?


As I said, this appears on the Input Bus only, not on the Audio tracks.

If i have it on the stereo input bus why don’t i see it if im only using one side of that?


Are you sure you are observing an Input Bus? So far, you were talking about Audio Tacks.

Input (and Output) buses have the red fader in the MixConsole.

I’m talking about creating an Audio track, arming it for record and recording an instrument to it. Isnt that how these things work? I’m not sure what else to call a track I’m recording audio on other than an audio track. Ive mentioned so many times about recording that i really don’t know what else i can say. Not once have i metion playback, wav files etc. In fact why would i be making a thread about the input stage disappearing if I’m not recording on it and needing this? I’m not sure why you are purposely ignoring what I’m typing.

I have one input bus, its a stereo input bus. If i create a stereo audio track i get all the features.
If i creat a mono audio track, and use either left or right input, i dont get anything as far as input control.
I can work around it by creating a mono input bus, but im asking why the difference, so i know in the future.
I tried to upload a video i took on my iphone but apparently its not supported.

Anyway, this going nowhere again, ill just get on with it and work with what ive personally found works.


Could you attach MixConsole’s screenshot with all of mentioned options, please?

  • Mono Input Bus > Mono Track
  • Mono Input Bus > Stereo Track
  • Stereo Input Bus > Stereo Track