Why don't midi modifiers randomise velocity in my key editor?

open project
create halion 6 (or any instrument) track
choose a drumset
add 16th notes to a key editor event (for hi-hats)
open midi modifiers
choose randomise and set upper limit to 100 and lower to 90 (to provide humanising element)
listen back, no change
click freeze midi modifiers - no change

What am I doing wrong please?

Thanks for you assistance,


Could you attach the screenshot of the Modifier settings, please?

hi martin - thanks… david
Greg Ondo had the same problem on the livestream last night


The Max. and Min. Values don’t work as an absolute values, they work as the relative values instead. So you can set to randomise the incoming values by ±10, or +20 and -10.

If you want to randomise values in the absolute values, use the Transformer MIDI Insert:

( Type Is | Equal | Note ) 

Value 2 | Set Random Values between | 85 | 100


ACE! Thanks Martin - that’s even better than I’d hoped, with it being relative!