Why don't play turn ornament in dorico


When i add a turn ornamet on selected note, why don’t have playing by software?? In fact don’t have playing any ornaments Except trill!!! Why!!!

Please help me, thank you…

Welcome to the forum, Kianickzad. Dorico doesn’t yet support playback of any ornaments besides trills, but this is something we do plan to add in future.

Ok, Thank you…

Hello Kianickzas, a workaround migth be the following:

  • duplicate your instrument; for example, duplicate your flute, you have now a Flute 1 with the original score and a Flute 2 with an empty score;
  • copy the score from Flute 1 to Flute 2
  • in the score for Flute 2, you spell out the ornaments in full, for example
    Dorico example of turn playback.PNG
  • for the paper score, you include Flute 1, and you hide Flute 2
  • for playback, you play Flute 2, and you mute Flute 1

When Dorico, in some future, will playback the ornaments correctly, you may decide to delete Flute 2 altogether.

But Daniel might have other and probably better suggestions.