Why don't we all calm down for a bit!

I’m reading the posts here and really can’t believe my eyes. In the first place remember that it was all of us who were impatient to get this program out for sale. So Daniel and the team did what they could to get it out to us. And how many times do they have to say that it will be improved on constantly. I think people don’t really understand how difficult this work is. Most new programs have problems in the beginning.
The point is I’ll bet almost all of us have been working on a different program up till now, so it isn’t as though life will stop if Dorico isn’t running at full speed yet. Why don’t we all just continue writing out music like we’ve been doing on the old program and spend a little time each day learning Dorico from the ground up. It DOES work, but it doesn’t work like the older programs we are use to. I’m sure that shortly all of our little pet complaints and problems will be solved. Furthermore the solutions will no doubt be ones that really reflex user concerns and wishes. A ready made program is usually a program that has a lot of problems no one ever thought of already baked in so let’s not be in such a hurry. Instead let’s thank Daniel and the team for making something that will continue to grow and evolve for a long time. The money we spent was a good investment, believe it.

You just can’t win with a lot of people! Those who have got refunds will soon be back once Dorico overtakes it’s competitors (which I don’t think will be that long really!)

+1 Tim.
I must say I think it’s brilliant. The structure, the interface. Sure some things are missing but I’ll rather wait and have them properly done. I am 100% confident that Daniel and the team know’s what to do and how to do it.
I will have to keep on with Sibelius for a while longer but having so much fun playing around with Dorico.
I will also try not to post so many questions since I can only imagine the workload Daniel and the team must have.


People may already read some complaints from some Dorico buyers regarding their disappointment of its performance and UI responsiveness, etc.

As I see it, I would not calm down either in a general case like this. However, I could be patient in my case of getting along with Dorico. Here comes my story:

I have had issues with Finale 2014 due to the UI responsiveness issue on retina MacBook Pro, and their technical support kept on blaming my system language settings (which is completely ridiculous to this issue). I replied that I will ask an Apple authorized reseller for help, using all of their demo machines (natively running in English, it is Canada) to run Finale 2014 and take video evidences to the public. They read the reply and completely shut up, not responding to me anymore despite that they have taken my money cost on Finale 2014.

This made me completely lost my trust to MakeMusic, thinking that they have more passion on blowing Sibelius off. Nevertheless, this issue is not related to the system language settings. My orchestration instructor (a Canadian, a native English speaker) had met the same issue using Finale 2014.5 on macOS El Capitan running on his mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15-inch. He stayed with Finale due to something unachivable by Sibelius at that moment, with a workaround of using the low-resolution mode.

Things went ended by the time I sent my technical inquiry again confirming when Finale v25 will completely solve the UI responsiveness issue inherited from Finale 2014 (better always confirm prior to your purchase :wink: ), and their product specialist Lawson Dutton wrote me a kind reply indicating that it will be addressed (according to their roadmap). This made me give up complaining but just watch and see what Finale will be like in the future, even though I won’t purchase its further upgrades anymore.

The reasons I could be patient for Dorico and purchase a copy for it are:

  1. I have plan B (Sibelius) and I could use both of them together for my project. (Most people urge to have their Dorico refunded are not having their plan B, because their budgets are all costed on Dorico.)

  2. I see that Dorico has a much better fundamental design regarding musical typography. It looks similar to LilyPond from my perspective.

Note that I am a lucky guy which had met much less UI responsiveness issue than what others had met using Dorico; However, there is still essence for optimization, and Dorico team already bewared that. I will prepare my budgets for its further major upgrades.