Why has Cubase Reset to Default Settings


I hadn’t accessed the forums for a while (12 months or so), and saw the message up the top of the screen in relation to the forums being new, and something in regard to Steinberg ID. Because I’d forgotten my password, I created a new password, used the same email address I used for the previous forums.

When I opened Cubase, immediately after, everything had gone back to default settings. My recent project history was wiped etc. All I did was create a new password. Also, I have my interface selected within Device Setup (Audient iD14), but I can’t get any audio/sound. Everything is working fine outside of Cubase.

Why would this (reset to default settings) have happened? Would it have had anything to do with creating a Steinberg ID? Is there a way to re-instate my previous settings?


Definitely not. There’s no relation between the two. Nothing you do online has any effect to the files on your computer.

Settings are stored in files on your computer, probably in the year that’s gone by, something happened to them.

Do you remember what specific settings you are missing? Would it be faster just to start using Cubase again and simply add your settings as you go along?

It may well be, thanks Steve.

Yes I didn’t think creating a Steinberg ID would be the cause - just wanted to confirm however.