Why have I got double midi notes when played

I am using a Yamaha CP5 in which I turn off local when playing through midi. It has never done this before - receives midi notes twice.
Any idea on how to resolve this? It wouldnt be a dodgy cable as I have swapped some over.
Am using a Midiman 8x8 card btw and unsure of settings there.
Hopefully, this can get solved as it’s dull having to delete doubles everytime I have worked,

It could be MIDI port driver doubling, Direct Music and other…check you haven’t got the same MIDI input item appearing twice:

Devices/Device Set-up/MIDI/MIDI port set-up.

See also the first paragrpah here:


Ah, I think you just hit the nail on the head. Seemed that for some reason that both Directmusic Midi and Windows Midi were active on both ins and outs. Any idea of which is more suitable, directmusic or windows midi?


It seems to vary from system to system…some have timing with issues with one or the other. In general I start with Windows MIDI and only swap to Direct Music if I have any issues.

Yeah… Seems for me that from time to time when I am overdubbing with midi that there is a delay whilst playing. I have tried both direct and windows. Suggestions on fixing this welcomed big time!