why haven't all key signatures changed to g minor in this Concert Score?

I’m utterly perplexed. I’ve confirmed that the trumpets (for example) are all Bb trumpets, though it shouldn’t matter since it’s a concert score to which you can see the signpost at the top clearly indicates a key of “G minor”. Yet the key signatures are NOT all 2 flats for all staves. What gives?:

Thanks for letting me know if this is a bug?

  • D.D.

It looks to me like you have independent key signatures going on. When you select the key signature accidentals in one stave, typically all the others (at that vertical position) would also highlight.

To resolve, select each of the individual flats and delete them.

(And no, it’s not a bug - independent key signatures are really useful in the right context!)

Thanks - that was definitely the problem (probably something left over after the score was originally imported via MusicXML).
Best -

  • D.D.