Why hide inserts on Instrument trk inspector?

I was on C6 for a very long time, so the jump to 8 has been quite jarring. Obviously prior to purchase I knew there were radical UI/UX changes, but some of them seem puzzling to me, such as the new inspector tabs.

In previous version of Cubase the user could easily expand an insert/eq/send tab in the inspector for instrument track, but now the users has to click 2 times; once to expand the VST tab and then the insert tab. What benefit does making the user do more work this version around accomplish? Was it a trade off to make room for the new tabs or you training the user to use the expand tabs more than the inline insert tabs?
Screenshot 2015-03-30 00.22.04.png
Further, there is some redundancy in the inspector.

Why are there two areas telling me what VST I am using? Why are there two ‘e’ (expand) buttons that have the exact same function? Why are there 2 spots that change colors? Why can’t the users re-arrange the inspector tabs how they were in previous versions of Cubase?

It might seem like a small issue(s) and I am sure it is something I will get used to, but this is just one example of what I think were poor design decisions during development. I am probably in the minority but I am not exactly loving this new UI/UX, perhaps it will grow on me.

PS - The screenshots were taken on C7.5 but it’s the same in 8.

Also just noticed something else.

The last two effects in the inserts section are still post fader, but all indication of them being something different than the rest seems to have been removed. Most people who have used Cubase for a while might know this but for new users removing any sort of visual indication that there’s something special about the last 2 inserts is probably not a good idea.