Why i cant modify the video codec to change audio output quality

Hi there
i tried many times with different video bit rate to get a 320bit audio resolution, i got nothing .
i there a way i can get higher H264 audio quality since i can get it from Premier pro ??
Pic One for the Mastered audio track
Premier pro
wavelab replaced audio output
Premier Pro
Wavelab replaced audio

This is video format AFAIK.
If you want the best-compressed audio, use AAC encoding in WaveLab.

Yes it is a video codec , the question is , i use wavelab to get higher quality to replace the audio in the video , all i got is a lossy 128 bit compressed audio either i use AAC or uncompressed audio. i need to change the mp4 H264 compression with a high quality audio in comparison to the one i can get from premier pro

How do you replace the audio in the video? Using WaveLab?

yes using wavelab

I guess a lossy stage happens during the audio encoding. Your request will be studied. In the meantime, you can still render the audio from WaveLab with the quality you need, and replace the audio from within Premiere.

For me it ok since im already working on video editing software and o know how to get a good audio output, but for normal mastering audio engineers they lost the option to get higher quality audio (better than the video edit suit) and as advertise for wavelab you said that we can replace the audio material for video , so it must be better than the editing suit output. i ll check the difference on Cubase and Nuendo may they have better quality output
we should at least have a control for bit rate compression in this output