Why I do not hear my vocals sound despite it is recorded!!

Hi to all forum mates,

My very simple question is answered for the last couple of days thus I am so worried.

My simple question us : why I do not hear the voice of my vocals despite it is recorded perfectly.At the
same time I do hear my music track running! The problem with the recorded material thru mic.

Love to all forum mates! Second thread hope this time someone answers.

Hani :blush:

I’ll take it English is not your forte, but I’ll try and answer.
If I assume your vocal has already been recorded, you know this because you see the meter showing activity? Then perhaps you just need to disable the monitor icon (usually beside the record ready button) on the track.
If that doesn’t solve the problem, then is the vocal track routed to the master outputs?
We’ll leave it at that for now. If this doesn’t solve your issue, then you’ll need to provide a bit more detail.

I got your PM, which I quote, but would rather answer here on the forum so that others might benefit or participate

Not quite too sure what you mean exactly when you say “it bounces a lot and thus everything is mingled and mixed up”.
This probably depends on how you’re monitoring and whether you’re using plugins and have multiple tracks. If you are monitoring through Cubase you may be able to fix the problem by enabling the “constrain delay compensation” feature either via the function menu in the mixconsole or by using the button on the toolbar (far left usually about the 3rd icon) also to be found in the Project window Toolbar. Don’t forget to deactivate this again after you’re finished recording.
You might also check and see if you can lower the ASIO buffer to reduce latency overall, but take care not to set it too low which might result in pops and dropouts.
If you can use direct monitoring, or ASIO monitoring, these would be preferable. Of course this assumes you have an ASIO driver for your interface.
For tracks you’ve already recorded, you should be able to move or nudge these into sync.