Why Is Audio > Process Greyed Out and Where Has Right Click

Hi - new to Artist 6, up from Cubase LE 4 - looks great, love the Mediabay… but…I am missing something obvious…

  1. The right click is missing all the cut and paste features (and Audio processing features). I have to cut and paste using Edit. I check Preferences and seems “enabled”. Really slowing me down.

  2. The Audio > Process features are greyed out…can’t fade in / out…all that fun stuff.

  3. There is a 6.0.7 update…but it no longer seems to work. My About section says I have 6.0.0 - but my registration says I have 6.5? I bought a hard copy Upgrade 2 disk that said Artist 6 on it. So what do I have? 6 or 6.5? I see that I can upgrade on-online to Artist 6.5 for $49 USD.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! :stuck_out_tongue:


If the license on your dongle says you have 6.5, then you have paid for 6.5 :slight_smile:
If you are running 6.0something, go get the update for 6.5 and install that, as your license allows you to run it.
As for the right-click: that’s a setting somewhere in preferences. No idea where it is, but it must be there!
As for the process menu: you sure you have an audio part selected?

Thank you…I did untick the button in Preferences and the right click did appear…sad to see however that there is no Cut and Paste selection. Also in Preferences?

Still can’t figure out why all my Audio is greyed out…yes I did select an Audio track…nothing however.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


You need to select an event, not a track.