Why is Basic Audio CD Still in the Manual if its Gone?

So concerning the Topic of “The Basic Audio CD” which the Manual still says go to file-new-Basic Audio CD, Since that option dosent even exist, why is it still in the Manual?


Are you sure ?
You can Import Basic Audio CD but not make !?


regards S-EH

yes I was reading the manual for importing a basic audio CD, I didnt have any files like that, so I researched the Manual on Creating a Basic Audio CD it says go to file-new - Basic Audio CD
the file and the new options are there but no Basic Audio CD option, which lead me to the conclusion that option is no longer in Wavelab 10, so I ask why is it still in the Manual?

The answer is probably very simple: My guess is, removing it from the manual was forgotten.

unfortunately the hour I wasted looking for the answer is not so simple, Thats why I’m posting it here in the first place.

Yes, a major loss for me too - and one that also took me an hour to eventually find out about (typically when I need to run off a quick CD!). Ended up running one off in Plextools.

I understand that there are more powerful montage options in WL to write Audio CDs, but the Basic CD creator has been a staple and one I’ve used constantly for many years. I know times move on, but if it’s such a basic feature, why not keep it for those who do use it?

If it’s any possibility, I’d gladly look forward to it being reinstated in the next WL10 update… :crossed_fingers:

thanks bluelizard you are spot on, it was a post like yours that I stumbled on
(and this was from a year ago or so) that made me realize the feature is no longer there

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