Why is Cubase 12.0.30 good with T-rackS VST3 plugins but Wavelab 11.1 is not

Both are Apple Silicon (Universal) binaries not running under rosetta, but Cubase can read the T-rackS VST3s that don’t seem to be (Universal) just fine. I’m guessing that won’t be the case down the road.

Not a big deal, since I barely ever use the T-rackS stuff but just curious. They came free with an iRig2 interface I purchased earlier this year.

Maybe it’s not tested with WL 11.1 ?

regards S-EH

Well, found a page on Steinberg site:

The article indicates that Cubase runs in Rosetta Mode by default even if the Get Info app initially has the “Open Using Rosetta” box is unticked. The solution is to tick it, close window, reopen window and untick it again.

After I did that, the 32bit VST3s no longer work and are blacklisted.

So apparently I’ve been running is Rosetta mode for these last few months.

In my experience, T-Racks plugins don’t behave well in WaveLab and can have rendering issues. For various reasons, I have avoided them. I haven’t kept up to see if T-Racks has native Apple Silicon versions yet but in general, I’ve seen too many bugs and bug reports to use T-Racks plugins in my WaveLab work or even pay attention to them.

You’ll find that many plugin developers only test the “big” DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase, but not always WaveLab and others.

Just because a plugin works in Cubase and because Steinberg makes Cubase and WaveLab is not a guarantee that the plugin will work or perform correctly in WaveLab. This has been proven many times over the years. If the VST3 spec is not followed closely enough in the plugin code, issues can exist in WaveLab that may not exist in other DAWs. It’s not really WaveLab’s fault.

I have a solid core group of plugins that work well, and have communicated issues to some plugin developers to get things fixed but T-Racks is not one that I’ve really kept up with or trust to render correctly.

If you’re just having trouble getting the updated Apple Silicon versions to appear in WaveLab 11.1 in M1 mode, I’ve had luck deleting this file and forcing a new plugin scan:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Cache/plugin-registry-arm.txt

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FYI, Steinberg has recently sent a WaveLab version to the T-Rack company so that they investigate a case we could reproduce.

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I’m not sure if it is old projects on my strained windows 10 PC but when I open the IK reverbs (room verb, plate, and so on) I get about 30 “serious error” boxes pop up and a crash. That’s on Cubase 12 latest build.