Why is Cubase called Cubase?

A rows by any other name will smell as sweet

You won’t see SQLite as a seperate process … ACID, on the other hand, uses Microso$t SQL Server Express, which is a complete hog. The file “mediabay3.db” in the Prefs folder is a SQLite file.

Sorry, can’t resist…there’s also the Pajero for anyone who like making up non-words in Spanish.

I’m with Fizbin; it doesn’t seem to mean anything at all. Then along came Wavelab and eventually Sequel…

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and tanx for that explanation.


However it came about seems quite an interesting subject. I guess i think that however it came about, it works. Its a completely cool name. Cubase rocks!

Noted. Makes sense, what you’re saying now.

“Why is Cubase called Cubase?”

RTFM !!!


The great thing about the name Cubase is that it’s unique and there is nothing in the DAW/Music/Audio/Sonic/Studio world you can confuse it with, unlike Sonar and Live, which is good for search engine optimization if nothing else haha. And I haven’t even mentioned Pro Tools … well, I guess I have now … :confused:

I’m really really glad and grateful that Cubase is NOT called Cubit.
Time heals.
Thank god, thank you Steinberg.



Haha… they should have called it RTFMbase :laughing:

Newbie …

I used Pro-16 on the C64 :ugeek: , it was a huge step up from the horrible Moog Song Producer software but KCS came out just a few weeks later and was so much better that I did not even bother to try Cubase until CAF, I was for some reason utterly convinced that KCS was still better (it wasn’t), and funnily enough I still use CAF on an occasion as a MIDI sequencer if I need rock solid timing, synched to C6, and once a year KCS on the Atari as well for stupid MIDI tricks like overflowing the input buffer on a TX7…

Could also be fannyknob or even sphincterschlong!

My guess is that at the time very popular database dBase was a inspiration for the name.

In that case Karl Steinberg must have been The Greatest Idiot of this planet! (I don’t think he was / is) Nobody would have named his/her product after that piece of junk!

(this was written by someone, who waited couple of years just to be able to finish a mandatory university course by using a “modern” SQL system instead of a &%#$ dBase)

Cubase 6 is called such because it follows Cubase 5

That ys all


There was only one SQL system available at the time for PC’s, IBM’s Database Manager (aka DB/2) running on OS/2 1.x, SQL style database engines not really suited to running on single tasking operating systems like IBM-DOS, Mac Finder and GEM, no-one had heard of it in the PC world, so perfectly logical to name a product after the most used business software of the day.

Wow Pro 24 on a Atari 1040
now those were the days.
MIDI Routers and SMPTE Time code for the tape machine.
I don’t remember the Cubit name I remember that VST was part of
the name too?

No, VST was almost a decade later, you are thinking of Cubasis that was the equivalent of today’s Cubase essentials/elements

Speaking of Pro-16, someone is selling a C64 Midi interface on eBay, complete with a “unofficial” copy of Pro-16 2.3, piracy of music software clearly not a new thing …