Why is Cubase called Cubase?



I’m old enough to have used Pro-24!
No idea why it’s called Cubase, but for a short time it was called Cubit, or something very similar.
I think Cubit caused a copyright problem, and Cubase was the replacement name.

True. And don’t forget to mention Cubit is pretty funny, in french… Maybe charlie steinberg heard about it.

That was the story I heard too :wink:.

I couldn’t find anything. Let us all in on the joke.



Q-Base (word play, pun?)
Quantize Base = midi sequenzer

Most web sites that mention the old name (Cubit) say it was changed due to copyright claims from another company that was already using the name.

Aloha guys,

I went to MySteinberg and had a look around in the
‘Steinberg Museum’ and the ‘About Steinberg sections’
and found nothing on why Cubase is called Cubase.

Perhaps a mod will chime in on this.


Cubase was indeed called Cubit in during the development stages, right up to beta version 0.808.

The name change was necessary because there was a database software provider with an existing product with the name Cubit, and we didn’t want to risk a costly name-change action after the release.

Cubit, as a name was consciously chosen because of its meaning of ‘from the nose to the end of the (king’s) stretched out fingers’ to indicate the eye/mouse/computer relationship - literally what you touch is what you move.
Cubase was quickly selected as a replacement name, even though some people said it now sounds like a database program. We know, and knew then, that the french were less than happy with the name - If you want to know why - ask a native speaker of french.

Dave Nicholson

CU: “Cul” slang for ass
Bit: “Bite” slang for a man’s sexual organ

lol, I do my sequencing in assdick :sunglasses:
Can see why they changed that.

The base for Cues? i.e. a sequencer.

I agree with zerozero,

it’s “Cues”… as in sequencer/midi commands (musical cues in you computer). I thought Cubase started as a midi sequencer then eventually evolved into a DAW? It can still be used as a sequencer of course (with musical scores too!!).


My guess is they had already settled on Cubit, didn’t want to have another 3 week brainstorming session to get a name, and just picked the first similar name that came to mind that didn’t sound dumb, and was obviously not used by anything else. Voila! Cubase.

Means nothing. Just like Nuendo.

That’s what I always imagined it to mean!

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Check this out:

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Doesn’t Cubase these days in actual fact use the SQLLite database for Media Bay? :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so, otherwise you’d see it running in task manager. I haven’t seen anything to suggest this.

I do believe though, that Sony’s Acid does this very thing, if you enable it.