Why is Cubase freezing when opening UAD plugins?

Maybe I missed something I know some users were having problems with UA plugins and Cubase a few months ago but my system was fine so I didn’t pay much attention to it…until now

When I open UAD plugins my system hangs and I have to “end task” and reload Cubase. I’ve also noticed it’s sluggish when UAD plugins load. I’ve been using both Cubase and UAD plugins for over 10 years and never ever had a problem. Any ideas?

I’m using Cubase 7.06 and UAD 7.3 both 64 bit


hmm … I’m running fine on 6.5 and 7.06. I have a Quad and a Duo. Any particular plugin?

I’ll do more testing today but the Cambridge eq does it every time

hmm … I have an older 6.5 project that probably has something like 40 cambridge eq instances. I’ll open that tonight and see what happens.

Human error. :blush:

I’m 64 bit now except for a few 32bit plugins and I saw I still had the older version UAD dll’s in my 32 bit folder which I used through jbridge. I deleted those dll’s, uninstalled the UAD software, did a registry clean and then re installed and it’s back to normal

hah … a short between keyboard and chair! I’ve had a bad case of that particular technical problem many times myself. :stuck_out_tongue: