Why is cubase never making the correct scheduled autobackups?!

Even though my settings are set so Cubase should make an autobackup every 2 minutes, Cubase doesn’t even do it even close to that amount of time.
A lot of times I lose between 10 - 20 minutes of work. Production work, that is - so not just mixing…

It is driving me up the walls.

Is there anyone who has any clue?

Probably because Cubase only does the autosave when playback is stopped. Note that that feature isn’t meant as a replacement for manually hitting Save on your own.

Hi Steve, thank you for responding.
With “Playback” do you mean ‘stopping the audio from playing the music/project’? because that definitely is happening in those 10 - 20 minutes.
Editing midi, editing audio, duplicating tracks, the whole 9 yards :wink:

Playback as in when you hit play, and stop as in when you hit stop. Do a Cubase Safe Start with prefs disabled to check if it’s a prefs issue. But in any case you will not be a happy camper if you use that function instead of actually hitting ctrl/cmd-S or using the menu to save your project.

Okay, then there’s definitely something else going on. Weird thing is that I’ve had this problem since Cubase 5 iirc.
Every time clean install of Cubase.

Thanks for your advice :wink:

Since Cubase 5? Are you certain you are expecting the same thing as the program provides?

It’s more that as long as I can remember Cubase never was making the autobackups in the time I had it (roughly) set in the preferences.
When I set it at let say 3 minutes, the moment I would have a crash I would be relieved if I didn’t lose more than 10 minutes of work. Although I do make use of the normal saving function, when you’re fully focused on producing or composing it’s easy to forget for a while.

I wonder what’s causing that then, it’s been working fine here.