Why is Dorico not respecting the value of midi notes exported from Logic?

My normal workflow in the past has been to mockup in Logic and then export to do notation (previously in Sibelius, now in Dorico). Normally to do this I carefully prepare the Logic session, making sure any swing rhythms are pre-converted to straight 8th notes (to avoid confusion upon import), and by using a Logic key command that aligns the end of one note with the beginning of the other, so that when notes are imported they are the length and on the beats intended. I just did this with a simple jazz-oriented chart, but upon Import I see that Dorico has created all sorts of rhythms that I THOUGHT were no longer there in what I exported - certainly, they were no longer visible in Logic’s piano roll before I exported, and I presumed Dorico would reflect what I actually thought I was giving it. I was just curious if this is a known problem (sorry if this has been discussed). I DO know that Sibelius also has various MIDI import options I’ve also set (including rounding to the nearest 8th note, not importing triplets, etc.), which would certainly also help (and which I presume you have planned?) But in the meantime I’m not sure the best way to pre-set up MIDI to make it import as cleanly as possible and respect the rhythms and note lengths I actually intend (and if there’s no way to do this, then that would admittedly be a serious “workflow” damper at present, since I can’t yet create entirely within Dorico without realtime midi input/click - which I know will be added later).
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If you import the MIDI file back into Logic as a new sequence, does that give you any clues? Do the rhythms look as you expect?

Strange - when I re-import it back into Logic, all of the careful lining up from the end of one note to the beginning of the other, etc. is gone. This perhaps suggests that all the times I’ve done this was a waste of time, and that what is more important is the Midi import settings I’ve always used in Sibelius? (which Dorico doesn’t yet have, I presume - things like “round to the nearest 8th note as the smallest note value, ignore triplets”, etc., etc?) Just trying to figure out the logical workflow to make the transition from DAW to notation as pain-free as possible…

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The usual advice I read here is “use XML export instead of MIDI export”… Hope it helps!

Certainly now that Logic exports MusicXML, I would suggest that if you have decent-looking notation in Logic’s score editor, exporting MusicXML and importing that into Dorico should work reasonably well.

You are quite right, Daniel (and Marc!), that exporting from the Score window in Logic is definitely going to be the way to go - I did an A/B comparison and Dorico imported the material form Logic done this way perfectly. (I will try not to think about how many hours I spent in the past instead editing in the Piano Roll editor needlessly and exporting as MIDI from Logic instead :slight_smile:)…

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