Why is export sample rate tied to current audio interface?

When my USB audio interface (which supports 44.1khz) is connected to the iPad, I can record & export a 44.1khz project.

If I export the project while the interface is connected, it works fine.

But if I try to export the project after I disconnect the interface (say, when I take my iPad back to my mixing workstation) Cubasis will only export it at 48khz. I’m supposing that’s because that’s the default sample rate of the built-in iPad audio. But this doesn’t make any sense: the project was made at 44.1khz, and all the files are 44.1khz. Nevertheless, if I try to change the project sample rate back to 44.1khz, Cubasis refuses.


Hi xrayspec,

With the release of version 2.7, Cubasis only allows you to select sample rates that are supported by the hardware.

The reason for this change is that the automatic sample rate conversion by iOS results in increased CPU usage, which would have lead to issues like crackling on the iPad Pro 3rd gen. models.

The available sample rates are dictated by the hardware of the iPad device in use. For example, the 2018 iPad Pro models (3rd gen) only support 48kHz with the internal speakers and mic, unless external hardware is connected, whereas other iPads support 44.1 and 48 kHz.

Hope that helps!