Why is GA playing on its own?

I’ve got an instance of Groove Agent loaded into an instrument track in my Cubase project that plays on its own when I press play in Cubase. It’s not one of the patterns, but seems to be doing it from the instrument page. I’m using the Dance Kit 01 kit.
The weird thing is that the kit load panel is showing MIDI activity but I can’t see where that’s coming from: I’ve stripped all other tracks from the file to find out what’s happening, and I’ve turned off all midi input to the track.
If I load another instance of Groove Agent then it doesn’t do this. I figure that there must be a ‘Follow DAW’ button somewhere that’s been activated, but I can’t find it.
I’m using Cubase 9 and Groove Agent SE4 in Windows 8.
Can anyone shed any light? On its own it seems to be playing a simple kick, snare, hihat, clap loop that isn’t present in the patterns in any case.
Cheers, Rick


you will find it in the upper left corner of GASE4 in the display next to the presetname.