Why is HalionOne distorting?

I dont use HalionOne too much, but Ive got an organ sound coming thru, but now I’m hearing slight distortion on it. I cant even READ all of the parameter dials on the GUI (see attached pic), so it’s hard for me tell how my settings could be off. It’s also panned right, as thats how it fits in the mix.


Some more info:
I can disable all of the effects on this (mostly EQ and comp) and still hear the OD.
My ASIO meter is way low, not overloading.
I am nowhere near red on any of my meters.

Any clues? Thanks!

Aloha J.
I have several questions.

1-Do all the sounds in the HAO distort or just this one?

2-How ‘hot’ are the MIDI note events feeding into
the HAO?

I can disable all of the effects on this (mostly EQ and comp) and still hear the OD.

3-Could the distortion be a part of the sound?
It is after all a ‘rock’ type of organ.

4-Have you use this organ patch in the past with
no distortion?


Aloha J,

Just wondering if you ever got this one solved?


Well, if he has moved on, I for another can report this distortion on the B3 type patch as well. It is only this patch, BTW.

It was an odd thing, as if it was the Leslie effect of the patch/recorded sound wave. I posted this problem some time ago and everyone here said, Wha? But it’s there.

My solution was to do a export mixdown of the track, creating a wave file (and reducing the volume of the channel as I did this - because the volume, as you increased it at the channel fader, brought out the distortion), import it, and replace the midi file. As an audio wave I could add gain as needed to the wave file and not get the distortion because the exported mixdown didn’t have any.

Weird, eh? I just figured it was an anomaly of the particular patch. I pity anyone who chooses to play live with it, BTW.