Why is it impossible to re-licence to a new puter?

Why is this so hard???

My old puter broke, I re-installed on my laptop. Used it a few times, and now it won’t start until I register. So I try, but it wants a new soft license number. I cannot find that anywhere? Why isn’ there a phone number to speak with somebody or something? This is rediculous, I need work on my WAV files and I can’t even open this stuid thing… I am ready to smash it on the wall…


Is there anyone in this place who can help me? What kind of customer assistance is this anyways???

What do I have to do to speak to someone???

This is no customer assistance or suppprt at all - this is a user forum. But maybe if you ask politely, and provide some useful info on what exactly the problem is, one of the users here will spend a little bit of his time and help you. Contacting official Steinberg support depends on the country you live in.