Why is it not possible to delete Halion Sonic SE after importing MIDI?

Whenever I import MIDI tracks into my template, Cubase creates a new Halion Sonic SE.
After moving all of the MIDI files to the VSTis I want to play them, I would like to clean up my template and get rid of the Halion stuff.

  1. Cubase is loading up Halion Sonic SE into the VST Instruments Rack, you will need to get rid of it there it there

  2. There is also a PREF under MIDI FILE when you import, uncheck that Halion Sonic box

I’m looking in VST Instruments Rack and I do not see any options for removing the Sonic SE.
There are no buttons which indicate deletion and right-clicking does not bring up an option to delete.

Just click on the VSTi’s name and you’ll see a menu that lets you change it to another instrument - choose the “no instrument” option at the top of the list. This will cause the entire Rack Instrument to be removed from the Rack.

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Thanks! I nuked it.