Why is it putting pop up windows there??!

this is the top left of the screen. I can’t move it or see the whole it. it’s so frustrated! I have two monitors, maybe that’s the problem?

Yes, I had that as well. I can’t remember how I got out of it though.

Same issue here. My solution is to cancel, then temporarely shut down one monitor, and create a new track again. Then is will placed in a visible manner. After turning the second monitor, the pop-up is in the correct place.

My guess would be you’re using two monitors with different screen resolutions?

I just have to mention Cubase doesn’t handle multiple monitors well, especially if the “scale” definition is different for some of them. (It’s an option on windows to “Scale” some monitors up if they are physically smaller).
Some examples:

  • The top bar options are scalled up and you need to “guess” the position of the dropdown menu button in order to click it.
  • Popups are opened randomly in different scales