Why is it so hard to contact support?

The Support Request Form in MySteinberg doesn’t work. I get this e-mail:

This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
steinberg at xxx.xx
SMTP error from remote mail server after DATA:
host smtp.secureserver.net []: 550 5.7.1 SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited.

My problem is that I need a new USB E-Licenser Key. The case on mine split in half under normal use, and while it still works, I have to hold it together with tape and would like a replacement.



get a new USB-eLicenser from your local music store. Then connect both eLicensers to the same computer and start eLicenser control center. Here you just drag n drop the Wavelab license from the old USB-eLicenser to the new.

I checked the address from here and got the confirmation that it reached them. And we have had only very few complaints over the last months. Could you try from another location again or send a mail directly to the address above (which I edited to avoid automatic spamming)?

@Emil: I don’t want to buy a new e-Licenser; this one broke after only a few months of normal use and I would like a replacement.

@EdDoll: I can’t really try again from another location; even if I could, if I have to switch computers to contact Steinberg customer support, that’s Steinberg’s problem, not mine! Customer support should work for the customer, not the company.


Just tried the support form for the third time, and got the same error message.

Seriously, Steinberg - fix your support request form so that it works.

Or, if someone from support is reading this, please contact me.

NB, correction: I wrote the text below without realising that you were using the support form. The error I describe is correct, but it is Steinberg’s web server or the mail server that it uses that is misconfigured. If you send from your own mail account to the address shown as blocked in the error message (edited out in this thread), then it should get through.



This means that your mail domain has a definition (called the SPF record) of what mail servers are allowed to deliver mail for it, and your mail is being delivered by a server not on that list. Blocking mail that does not meet its own SPF definition is a standard way of reducing spam (which often uses domains fraudulently, as a form of identity theft), and this is the reason for SPF records to exist. Steinberg’s server is not at fault for doing this.

The configuration of the servers sending your mail is at fault, either by sending mail from a server that is not intended, or by having an out-of-date SPF record. Contact the tech support for your mail system and complain to them; meanwhile, use a mail account on a different domain to contact Steinberg.


(I run mail servers for my job, which is why I know about this)