Why is it so hard to report a problem?

Hi Everyone.

I have been enjoying Cubase 10.5 as it stopped many a crashing moment when closing down a song.

But know, when 10.5 bugs out, there is a nice screen that tells you that there was a problem and maybe you’ll want to change the start up to see if it fixes it…Great. :smiley: Love it.
It also tell you there to send a log the tech team…But how?

This is not the first time that the steinburg site has sent me round in circles. Clicking on an option that sends you to an irrelevant page. This happened when I tried to buy 10.5. When I click to add to my carts, it sent me back to the 10.5 preview page. Same happened when I try to log a ticket and contact the technical support team, sent me back to the previous support page. Round and round in circles I went.

Steinberg…Please fix the links on your website. And please add a description in the “error message” on how to log a bug with Cubase. Maybe set up a button that takes you to a page where we can send you the file???

Thanks in advance
Cubase 64bit 2020.10.8 (1.34 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.10.8 (1.37 MB)


There is no Cubase or any plug-in mentioned in the stack text:

kernel32!RtlVirtualUnwindStub <PERF> (kernel32+0x0)

Hi Martin,
What does your last message mean?


This means, I can’t see Cubase or any plug-in would crash in fact. It’s rather something on the system level.

I’m sorry, I’m not Windows expert, I can’t provide more details from this. Maybe try to ask Google.

Ok. Thanks.

Just for your information. I have updated to CB11. The crash problem is still happening. But I have found a way to avoid it. “Save” from the toolbar menu before closing or quiting, again from the toolbar menu allows the program to close without the “not responding” message appearing in the menu bar. Closing and then saving from the pop up message seems to be a problem for me.

Once again, thanks for your time Martin