Why is looping audio so hard in wavelab?

Can someone tell me how to reliably loop a section of audio in the main window? It seems totally arbitrary as to whether or not the audio actually loops when I try. Such a silly thing to be difficult…Here is how I always do it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Does the playhead need to be stopped when I push the loop button? Do I need to select left to right or right to left? Do I push the loop button after selecting but while the playhead is playing? It’s just so weird because there is nothing consistent about when it works for me.

Select a portion of the file to loop
Push the loop button
Put the cursor at the beginning of the loop
Push play
Works here every time.

Thank you. That works fine. It’s totally different than Cubase and Nuendo where you can toggle the loop button on and off while the music is playing and move the loop selector and it keeps looping. Now that I know that the audio has to be stopped before looping I won’t be pulling my hair out! Thanks!

Thanks for asking this question. It has been driving me crazy too. It’s not only different, it’s dumb, like a number of ‘unique’ ways of working in Wavelab that just make things more difficult. Wavelab manual should come with a Hoops Addendum that shows all the special steps you need to take to get things to work the way they just do in other apps.

These instructions work but it should be noted that to put the curser at the start of the loop you need to double click the at the start of the loop in the area above the minutes or bar graph. You can’t click on the body of the wave to bring the curser to the beginning of your selection, it will remove the selected process area.

Or use the loop markers in WL.

or make a selection and hit shift G

andy1324, yep, thanks!

and just as a side note mr roos, I dont know if youre a cubase user, i am, and i would have really appreciated the steinberg team giving me the option to use all the shortcuts i have become comfortable working with in cubase and be able to transfer them easily into wavelab instead of learning a whole new set, another example i just stumbled upon, in cubase ctrl z is undo and ctrl shift z is redo, but in wavelab its ctrl y for redo, not the end of the world, but more to learn. I’m sure i could also just one by one make my own custom shortcuts, but hey its only time right. :slight_smile:

I’m with you on this, it’s a dual planet collision thing with little common ground. At least the Space Bar is common…:slight_smile:)

WL has some pretty exceptional features though, some that I wish Cubase would incorporate. Are you hip to double left clicking on the plugin header tab to reduce the GUI? This feature works on the WL spectrum analyzer, and the other various WL analyzer features, even going full screen, but one night I happened to click on a plugin header and the GUI went away, leaving the header. A double click again on the header and it was exposed. I was blown away because this is such a great idea, even with two monitors, to clear up your track view without having to go back to the plugin window.

Yeah, and wouldn’t you think Cubase would be all over this, what with all the closing and reopening of various plugins during mixdown? But, nope, no sharing apparently…

ah good one with the plug in header thing, never did that, didnt know it, little by little find the gems
all the best