Why is midi out missing in 7.5 External inst.

Why is midi out missing in 7.5 when I use the midi device manager for external hardware?

I need 6 midi tracks for the same hardware synth.

So when I instal my hardware as an external instrument then load it as a VST, do I need to select and assign the “Identical tracks” ? EDIT: no joy…

Midi track two,3,4,5 do not have a midi out!

If you need MIDI tracks - use MIDI tracks…!?

no I wanted “External instruments” as hardware. :neutral_face:

It works as midi tracks, however I like to do things the correct way but it could be a bug?
Iv messed with the selection below…

My DREAM was to have the patch names but its been issues (user error)

I think Cubase can handle one instrument track with external instrument at the time. I have external instrument, hardware compressor and vitalizer. They can be used once in session. Maybe you shoul use your harware instrument via midi tracks with diffirent midi channels ?

Thanks! sounds like the answer I need. I just tent to do things by the book so I dont get all confused.

Cool beans.

As a newbie, I was struggling with this today.

The cool thing is that if you use an external instrument track, it essentially combines the midi and audio into one “midi-combo” track. It really cleans up the project window. That along with being able to use the presets from the script is great.

But you can only use an external instrument once for one midi channel. On a multi-channel instrument like say the Integra-7, it turns the unit into a single timbre instrument if you want to use it as an external instrument. Seems a shame.

is there no other way to use more than one midi channel in an external instrument? Is it because it’s tied to a single audio out? Am I missing something here?

yes the external instrument tracks are limited , you can only have the one stereo output which is a shame with a 16 part multitimbral synth unless you use midi tracks