Why is midinotes removed when I cut and size parts.

I do dubs and i like to cut out parts, but sometimes, (often) regret what i do at some part and some I want to stay as they are. But when i cut a part, move the beginning or the end to get some of the midi to stay silent, then regret the move and scrolling the end or the beginning back. The midinotes from the recording has disappered. This is now slowing down my workflow so much it’s really annoying. Anybody has a workaround? And why oh why???

Cubase Artist 9.5.30

Are you resizing the midi part by dragging the start or end? or are you using the scissor tool to cut the part and delete the bit you don’t want?

I find it annoying too on occasion. Sorry no solution except copying the whole part and then resizing (which I always forget to do too)

That is not normal, are you sure you are not using the Comp “finger” tool, instead of the Object Selection “arrow” tool ?