Why is my stereo track in mono through my Behringer X32?

Hi folks

I’m working on a stereo track and the signal I’m receiving into my x32 is mono. I have routed Cubase to output 1 and 2 as left and right.

When I use the pan function within cubase on the main bus it goes from completely silent at hard left pan to louder on hard right. Seemingly a mono mix. I have looked through most menus on the x32 and also tried listening to myself routed straight in on ch1 of the board. When using the pan knob on the mixer it is working fine. Hence why I’m thinking it might somehow be cubase?

Thank you for your help!

You’ve probably long sorted this but, I found that for reasons that aren’t clear to me, if you have the Mackie controller linked to the X32 and do a midi reset, the pairing on Ch 1 & 2 drops to mono (even though it still shows as linked on the X32). The only work around I’ve found is to unpair the channels and re-pair them and it works!!!

i run mine in windows 10 home ,inputs 16 mono,outputs stereo,or 16 mono, but u must change to card 1-8 9-16 etc

it wont be if you sum it to ur aux sends