Why is my UR-RT4 not able to run my Pro Tools sessions?

I have been running a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for years now and since I finally upgraded my PC to be a much higher spec I thought I’d also upgrade my interface.

The first week or so of using the UR-RT4 it seemed like a dream, sounded great, loved using the mix window etc.

But for some reason when I open up my bigger sessions on Pro Tools, it refuses to playback my session through the UR-RT4, claiming I’ve run out of CPU power (which btw is a Ryzen 9 that barely hits 10%) and what’s even more frustrating is that if I plug in my Scarlett 2i2 and the session just plays normally as it would.

Now I’m not prepared to believe that an interface that costs 4x the price can’t even cope with the same session as a 2i2 (otherwise it’s absolutely getting sent back), so can someone tell me what’s gone wrong here? I’ve updated drivers, I’ve tried setting the buffer size to 2048, sometimes it clicks on and works but then it’s a whole song and dance the next time I open another session.

This issue is Protools. Protools ALWAYS gives an error you are running out of CPU, please decrease your plugins or increase your buffer. Yes, I realize that your old dusty Focusrite is working just fine with those sessions. I forget where in Protools there is a setting to allocate your cores. Keep a couple for the system and see what it does.

How BIG is this session you are loading up?
IF you are INSERTING a ton of plugins on every track Protools will quickly cease up.

Im not sure if those NEVE transformers affect the CPU usage IF they are engaged? I doubt it but something to check there.

Make a HUGE Project in Cubase and see if you have the SAME issue. If you don’t its Protools. Protools is the least efficiently coded DAW out there.

More than likely Protools doesn’t like the driver for the UR-RT4.

Did you installed the chipset drivers from AMD to replace the Windows own?
Sometimes the USB controllers are a bit cumbersome with audio hardware…

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I didn’t, but if you could link me where to go I’d happily give it a try!

You should scroll down to the selection boxes…