Why is start of vocal track after silence not loud?

So there’s a section in the song that goes quiet for about three seconds, then the vocal starts again. Weird thing is, first three or four words of vocal track are soft in volume and no matter what I do I can’t bring them up. It’s as though the track compressor or the main bus limiter is not releasing until the vocal starts or something? Any clue what could be causing this? Thanks

Impossible to say without seeing more info.

Do you have any plugins in your vocal chain?
Do you have the strip active in the mixer?
Do you have any automation written, (including volume curves)?
Are the vocal channels routed to any groups that have any of the above?


Have you accidentally dragged the fade-in handle?

Did you try bypassing all your plugins on the vocal track and busses to see if any of them is causing the issue?

I often have problems when automating the volume and forget and start altering plugins etc when RW is on and find it writing all these extra automation curves which I have to go through and delete.