Why is Steinberg merchandise not available in US?

What’s the reason we can’t buy Steinberg swag here in the US? Everything’s “Not available in your country” in the shop.
Any chance that could change sometime in the near future?

Bump Bump Bump

If it makes you feel better, I see the same “Not available in your country” tag as well, and I’m in the EU.
But I guess I’m not in the “civilized enough” group of countries.

PS Why is all that swag only about Cubase? No love for Nuendo, Wavelab and others…

How did you conclude more civilized is what was necessary and not less civilized? :wink:

I want a USB-eLicenser coffee mug!

Seriously, though … I would probably buy a Cubase cap if it was available for purchase (I’m in the US).

US here as well. I want a hoodie. I think that’s the most reasonably priced item. Coffee mug would be nice too, though $18 is pretty steep.

If Steinberg want me to advertise for them, I figure they can pay me to wear their merch.

Same here. I occasionally check but it is never for sale in the USA. I would buy everything if they actually sold it here.