Why is the 6/9 suffix smaller than sus4, 7, b9 etc?


I’m trying to find out how to change the default chord symbols. For instance, I want to make the 6/9 suffix same size as sus4, 7, b9, #5 etc. How do I do that?

See included pic. The 6/9 suffix is to small compared to the other chords. How come?

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This could be related to the fact that Daniel has sent a new Bravura text and Bravura fonts on Facebook… You might want to try with the new font update


IIRC that only changes the size of accidentals.

It’s intentional that the 6/9 suffix is meant to match the height of the root note. You should find that you can edit the size of the 6/9 in the graphical editor in Engrave mode, and set the size for each of e.g. C6/9, D6/9, E6/9 etc. in the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances dialog for future projects.

Thanks Daniel!

I’ll try that. Just want to add that the chord function is really amazingly well done. Beside one thing. When working with a large ensemble where you have chords for piano, bass it feels backward having to hide the chords in a tenorsax part where you don’t want them to appear. For instance a 6 bar open solo spot in a very long piece. It would be so much easier to be able to choose where you want the chords to be shown. Maybe in a future update!?

Merry Xmas to the Doric team!