Why is the audio performance meter always on red? [solved]

Littlest issue imaginable?

Anyways, I noticed the performance meter might have dropped considerably. Is that correct? Barely visible or around 5%. WooHoo!


The meter over load indicator is more or less always in the red from the start of any project? It’s nothing new, rather the contrary it’s been like this for years and I’ve sort of gotten used to it. Somehow it seems a little pointless to have a red square emitting light all day. Or have I’ve done it all wrong for years ??? :scream:

What’s up with that?

The red square indicates that an audio buffer overload has occurred that would cause an audio drop-out. Click the red square to reset it.
(It works the same as the channel overload indicator in the Cubase mixer.)

Well, I know but a millisec later it’s on again. I never hear any audio dropouts under normal usage. There has been a few occasions when I’ve … performed stunts not described in the User Manual … AHEM! … but that doesn’t count. And I kind of like having 3ms latency. Good enough, right?

So it’s a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?

OTOH would it be possible to have a setting in the preferences where you could set a threshold and only see the values above the threshold?

I’m probably wrong but I think it’s either on or off, a buffer overload happens or it doesn’t. I don’t think there are varying degrees to it.

In this case what I’ll do is load up a huge project, set the buffer size as low as I want it for recording a single track, then arm a whole bunch of audio tracks and have them record the length of the entire song a few times over, if I get 3 passes with no audio dropouts, I feel confident about ignoring the red light.

Thanks forumites!
I think I’ve stumbled on a solution.
Activate Steinberg Power Audio Scheme.
No little red square and the meters are barely visible at the left side of the big popup Audio Performance display. I had no audio drop outs before and I have no now. Good enough!