Why is the Cubase 7 Issue Reports forum 'locked'?

Went to see if similar problem to mine (Cubase freezing when asked to Close) reported in any Cubase forum, and found one in Cubase 8 forum. Posted a “me too” response, but was advised to post in Cubase 7 forum.

At Cubase 7 forum, I read “how to report an Issue”, and “Mod approval now required”, did searches for my issue, but found none.

Went to post my issue as a New Topic within the Cubase 7 Issue Report forum, only to see that that forum is “LOCKED”.

What’s up? No more posts re. problems in anything but Cubase 8?

How is one to deal with ongoing technical issues in Cubase 7 (7.5.4 right now)?


Cubase 8 is out, so Cubase 7 development is over, that’s why they are not taking new bug reports or feature requests.

Thanks, SteveInChicago.

Any suggestions as to how to get help with a Cubase 7.5 issue that won’t go away? Local Steinberg tech support hasn’t been able to help. . .

Hi thinkingMusic,

Sorry I don’t know the answer to your issue (from your other post) but I’ll just list a few things to think about that might help. But search the forum for more ideas. Similar CB exit issues have plagued many a Cubase user. So you will be the hero if you figure it out. Good luck :wink:

This link lists some of the ideas/thoughts I list below:

  • Is windows up to date with the latest from MS?
  • Is the Cubase program and other VST plug-ins that have a stand alone program set to run as administrator?
  • I see in the forums something about a nvidia graphics driver causing issues. Search for that.
  • Try shutting off the Steinberg hub.
  • Adjust your usb devices to “never sleep” in the windows power scheme.

I dunno… again, just some ideas.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank-you, Prock – I’ll pursue all of your suggestions!

Best regards,


i have a problem on cubase 7 and OS X el capitan, it seems that i could install with the plugin you offer on your support page, but when i try to search for it on my computer it doesn’t appear, like its not installed, '?
can you help me please ?

I realize it’s been many months since I posed this question . . . but better late than never :blush:

With the dedicated and expert help of the Canadian Steinberg tech support wizard, Lindsay Warner, and many hours of careful testing, we isolated the culprit: it turned out that a M-Audio Keystation (ie, midi controller) driver – the one that came with the Keystation! – was causing the problem.

M-Audio’s tech people didn’t even realize that their packaged/downloadable drivers were no longer to be used with Windows 7 & 8: it took a higher-up at M-Audio to discover and tell me that the Keystation is plug’n’play!

After getting rid of the installed M-Audio driver, and going with Windows plug’n’play, all problems disappeared – not only for Cubase, but also for my Finale 2012 notation app! (I should mention that Finale tech support were not willing to do any diagnostic help to solve the problem).

I’ve been intending to post a full documentation of this, and the diagnostic steps that led up to it, but have so far been way too busy. I still hope to do so soon. I’ll get to it even sooner if anyone expresses an interest in it :wink: .

Cubase 7 doesn’t work properly on El Capitan. You shouldn’t have updated your OS without checking if your softwares were supported on OS X 10.11

Ok_ so, i have to buy now the update because you will not post a plugin or something to help your costumers, right ?
so, this is another cuestions,
sience i have to FINISH MY WORK on this software, how can i update from 7 to whatever i need to finish ?
is it 8.5 that runs with EL CAPITAN ?
do i have to download only the update if i have the e-licenser ? thats 200 euros right ?

Regarding the title of the original post, "Why is the Cubase 7 Issue Reports forum ‘locked’? ": I would like to ask the mods to unlock the Issue Reports, both in Cubase 7 and in 8, 8.5, etc. The advantage of that is posters could go straight there for community discussion of the problem, workarounds, etc., instead of having to search among a zillion threads scattered throughout the site to get the same info.

Much more efficient to get info when having problems, that way.