Why is the Export window STILL sometimes accidentally hidden?

I’ve had this issue with Cubase in just about every release I’ve ever used:

Windows and dialogs aren’t always “always on top”. I assume what’s happening is they’re getting stuck behind the main project window, and I guess they rely on the Cubase engine to bring them forward. If the engine is busy - say, exporting taxing project - then the window on top can get pushed to behind the main project window when you click away and it can’t be brought to the front until the engine is no longer busy.

Every single time I do an export - and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. - I’ll forget about his issue, click away from Cubase, and then I’ll have no idea about the progress of my export until it finishes. EVERY time. I do 20, 25 minute project exports every week. It would be great to know they’re still working without having to sit and refresh the mixdown file properties to make sure the filesize is still increasing.

This is a stupid problem and it should have been fixed ages ago. Please do that. Thank you. <3

W11 (and all the ones before 11)
Cubase 12 (and all the ones before that, too)