Why is the FUNCTION communication between Nuage Hardware so limited?

I saw a picture of a Post Studio in London with a bunch of Nuage Rooms. One of the rooms had a 32 fader plus master setup with NO DISPLAY MONITORS! :flushed:

I wondered how this was workable. The channel strip only shows the name, pan and volume in the little window on the hardware. So that makes the encoders useless without the display. It occurred to me that MAYBE they were getting the feedback from the Master Window. So I tried it.

I picked a fader on the fader pack and then opened the channel on the master. Then I selected insert on the fader pack, expecting the insert tab on the master to light up. IT DID NOT! So, I tried it in reverse. I selected rack 2 on the master touch screen, expecting the number 1 on the fader pack to jump to number 2. IT DID NOT. The buttons work and the encoders work once you’ve opened the plugin. But why won’t the actual function select operate in both directions? What was the logic behind THAT choice? :thinking: