Why is the last staff in my score stretched out across the page?

Please see the image. I am unsure how this happened but my last bar is stretched out across the screen. Is there a setting to make it return to normal somehow?

thank you


It’s always like this in the Page Mode. The Page Mode align all bars to the left and to the right. The last bar can’t end up at other place but the right side.

I guess you meant in “Edit” Mode Martin.

In Page Mode, just drag the last bar wherever you want.

This is one of the numerous strengths of the Score Editor over all other notation programs: you can move almost anything you see on your screen “at the stroke of a mouse”. :wink:

Thanks but look here, now when I recorded more notes, the bar stays long and the other bars become shorter again. What am I doing wrong?


Thanks, I tried this and I can drag it in PAGE MODE as you said which resolves that problem however, now when I add more bars to the layout look what happened in my reply to Martin.

Play with the Number of Bars function in Page Mode to get the result you want:
Menu Scores>Advanced Layout>Number of Bars

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THank you. This worked when I set it to 4 bars. I see this function also in “Auto Layout”. Is it the same thing?

Yes but only available if you choose the option “Move Bars and Staves”, which will then also move your staves, and this is probably not what you want.

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