Why is the Steinberg support so terrible / non-existing?

I have two support tickets open now for more than 20 days and nothing happened. One of them is just a pretty basic question that should be easy to answer.
I just don’t get it why this takes so long. This terrible customer experience was the reason i switched from Cubase to an other DAW. I got back because the software itself is good and i hoped that customer support changed. But is is the same problem as about two years ago.
Guys, is it so hard to set up a proper customer support, or do you really don’t care !??!


100% agree. Same here. I have been requesting to join their beta team in an email to steinberg support, I got an email back from YAMAHA telling me to contact steinberg directly…I am like I LITERALLY JUST DID THAT LOL

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I’d imagine it comes down to cost and resources available? So most likely the latter - yes it may be hard to properly deal with the support requests they have. Have no idea what number of depth of support issues facing them.

Should they put more money into that side of the business, or concentrate on software, improvements and having representatives on this user forum and other social media outlets?

I don’t know, really.

I guess the bigger question is, can anyone here help you? It would be my first port of call if I had an issue.

And if more users done that, it would free up support for more private/account related queries that only SB themselves can deal with. I’d imagine that’s the overall plan to save on costs(?).