Why is there a maximum of 32 VCAs?

Running Cubase 10.5.12 pro. Just looked this up because I got an error when loading a project I had been working on (“Track xxx exceeds the number of tracks supported by the application”.) Apparently there’s a limit of 32 on the number of VCA faders.

I have a few problems with this:

1.) It seems like a really arbitrary limitation. Running VCAs is not a particularly resource intensive operation. Is it not just adding the VCA fader value to the value for each fader in the linked group?

2.) That error message is not particularly helpful. I had to Google around to find out how I exceeded the “unlimited tracks” only to find out about the VCA thing.

3.) It let me add the VCA tracks > 32 without incident, only complaining when I subsequently loaded the project (apparently this is because I used “Add VCA fader to selected channels” rather than adding the VCA directly.)

I’ve seen a few threads about this, but haven’t seen any indication of why this limit exists. Has there been any comment from Steinberg on this?


All of these have been discussed here on the forum already. It has been reported to Steinberg already. I haven’t seen any feedback from Steinberg on this topic.