Why is there a Steinberg folder in my Document folder on my mac and can I delete it?

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 04.20.58

The location on my mac is


Hello. Does anyone here know why these folders there and if I can delete them?

THank you


In the MIDI Remote folder, there are stored scripts for the MIDI Remote factory devices and or your custom MIDI Remote scripts. I.e., if you are using MIDI Remote, you need this folder.

The User Presets folder contains several custom/user presets, for example, Logical Editor, Project Logical Editor and other Cubase area user presets. If you don’t create your own presets, you don’t need it.

On the other hand, the size of the folder is not big. Not a big reason to delete the folder, I would say.

THanks for the help. I understand what the folders are for now so thank you. However, I do not like that they are at that location. Is there a way to change the location of these folders? Like If I put them into a subfolder or another place on my HD?


Sorry, you cannot change the location.

I’m just wondering, why would you like to have it in another folder, please?

It just has to do with the way I have always organized my files. In my Documents folder I like to keep documents I use frequently. Those folders are just there the whole time and I never went into them. So it clutters up my documents folder basically. But it is not a big deal, I can live with it if there is no other way.

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