Why is there a trial time in cubase 9 Pro with VST Connect SE?

Dear Friends,
I want to try VST CONNECT SE with CUBASE 9 Pro but if i am starting VST CONNECT SE, not Pro, there is trial time in the bottom corner. I thought this app is for unlimited use.

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Could you attach a screenshot, please?

ANbei Screenshot vom Programm

and from elicenser.


As AI can see, there is still the All Applications license available at your USB-eLicenser. Every USB-eLicenser comes with this license to ensure, you can start to use Steinberg products immediately (even if you don’t get/activate your license yet).

It seems VST Connect SE is using this license at the first place. My expectation is, once this license expires, VST Connect SE will switch over to the Cubase license and use it then.

There are actually 2 program instances running this license. So it seems even another one component is using this All Applications licence at this moment.