Why is there no "Print" tab in the iPad app?! So I can't export PDFs on iPad?!

Really?! There’s no way to export pdfs on the ipad app? Seems like a feature that is absolutely necessary!! What’s the point of a music notation software that doesn’t create the actual sheet music???

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Have a look on page 48 of the Dorico manual for iPad, which is available here: Dorico for iPad Documentation


Well I looked for that share button initially, it was NO WHERE on the toolbar. This is the confusing part that REALLY needs to be clarified in the documentation (maybe the devs should make this revision), and that is that… the share icon/button will not show unless you rotate the iPad 90 degrees to landscape, then you see it at the very top right on the toolbar in all it’s glory. THEN when you rotate back to portrait mode, it remains until not sure when. But this is critical information if you want to export a PDF on iPad. YOU MUST ROTATE THE DEVICE TO LANDSCAPE FOR THE BUTTON TO SHOW. Easy fix, but not something anyone would think to do. Not even sure why I thought to do that, but thankfully the idea came to try it.

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I think Dorico is designed to be used landscape on an iPad.


I would never think to use Dorico in portrait mode.

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Love the snarky response buddy… Love it… I use Dorico to create lead sheets. Portrait mode is ideal for this… And if I had an issue with this, you can be sure, someone else prob will, which is why I posted the solution, and reason why the issue arose in the first place…

It wasn’t snarky. Saying that no one would think that is arrogant and presumptuous. So, what you meant is that YOU would never think that.


Whatever dude. Just wanted to be helpful and post my issue in case someone had the same problem. If that is arrogant and presumptuous. Well then okay…

Thanks for clarifying… Wasn’t aware of this. Brand new user! I do think it’s possible that someone else may make this mistake and use in portrait mode, thus posting the short narrative of my issue. Now I know, use in landscape!

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There’s certainly an argument that it ought to work just as well in portrait mode – but it’s based on the desktop version, where (most) displays are landscape; and so much needs to fit along the top and so much needs to fit on the sides.


For sure, all makes sense. But in the documentation there’s no mention of the option disappearing in portrait. At the very least, that should be mentioned in the docs to avoid the issue of someone spending way too long looking for a button that doesn’t exist in that view. Feel like it’s a “hole” in the docs that could be addressed to really cross T’s and dot I’s… But yeah, all valid points.

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I had this problem early on, couldn’t find several of the top right buttons that I was used to seeing. Posted here on March 17. Daniel said that rotating to portrait would cause the missing buttons to reappear. I believe someone said that this problem would be corrected in a later update, but I can’t find that post.

The print command is in the share menu. Works great.

This little quirk is mildly annoying, but I did get used to it, sort of like tying running shoes before entering the track. In my case, that would be remembering to unlock the wheelchair brakes before starting to push.

Ok, I just learned something new. A helpful pop-up suggested using the handle of the person I’m replying to, or a quote if applicable.

I’d like to take this opportunity, jdc.saxjunky, to say, “Welcome!”

A few months ago I was a brand new user also. Have loved every frustrating and super happy minute of learning Dorico for iPad.

Correction to my previous post—I meant rotating to landscape mode.

I’ve also learned that the search tool is quite powerful to learn what may have been posted earlier about the same or similar topics.

Jdc.saxjunky,— Um, you won’t believe this—it is also one of the hidden buttons along with the redo button.

@Edna_French Edna, to properly tag someone, you have to start with the @ character. Once you add that, start typing the name you want and the list will narrow down. You’ll know you did it correctly when their name turns into a hyperlink and has a grey bubble around it.

Many ipad apps will work with the rotating feature of the Ipad which I guess is there for a purpose. But some don’t. Or at least not very well. Never had one upfront state, use only in portrait or landscape mode, but it might be nice if they did.

@Romanos I don’t get a hyperlink or grey bubble.

Oh, I see. The hyperlink and grey bubble appeared when I selected Reply.

Thanks for your help!

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Please make an export button for landscape mode :pray:t2:
or don’t let Dorico work on Portrait mode
if it is not supposed to be used this way.