Why isn't Steinberg developing Libraries for Halion 4 ?


I hope I’m not the only one thinking about this, but … Why is Steinberg not offering Sample Libraries for Halion 4 ?

I would love to see Halion Symphonic Library (2) , and a great new selection of Halion 4 based sample libraries that cover World, Guitar, Period-Instruments, Exotic Percussion, Choirs, …etc. etc… etc… !

Why do you think there is not much soundware being developed for Halion 4 ?


I asked this question on a facebook post about the new vst guitar loops ,why on earth wouldn’t they want to make them contents for the halion 4 ,halion is an awesome piece of kit and need sound libraries for it to really keep up with the likes of kontakt .
I personally don’t own kontakt and don’t wish too, halion does everything I need it to do and humongous amounts more but it would be nice to have some sound libraries with the mega switch articulations :wink:

Triebwerk, Dark Planet and Hypnotic dance are in fact libraries for Halion 4. But I agree it needs more high quality world instruments, and less electronic sounds. I always ask for that when they do surveys.

Finally I bought Kontakt 5 along the last Komplete because I was tired of waiting for certain features, but in no way will I stop using Halion 4. Both complement each other well.

I’m only hoping for a future update that fixes the ultra-slow interface. I have a very powerful system capable of playing the latests games, but each time I have to do a new instrument (let alone if I have multiple slots loaded) I swear badly. Being a developer myself I still can’t figure out how can the interface be so slow! having to scroll up and down all the time to edit the most usual parameters doesn’t help either…


On the other hand, have you imported libraries of supported formats?


I invest a lot of my money on Halion 4 and Steinberg product overall. I like the option of tweaking my own sounds, but it is much easier and fun when you can load up more presets that are exactly what you are looking for. It would be nice to see H4 offer more libraries. I do enjoy the sounds that came stock. Thankyoumoreplease!



Dear Steinberg/Halion 4 Library/soundware Development team :

Would it be too much to ask you to please make some top of the line, high-quality, sample libraries for Halion 4.

Not Loopy-Loops … Please let’s have some real great sounding acoustic instruments for Halion 4.

Yes, Acoustic Instruments, Not Synths, and no Loopy construction Libraries !

So, How about :

Acoustic Guitars, Large variety of World Instruments, Orchestral Instruments Sections and Solo (Oh… Where is Halion Symphonic Orch. 2 ?) , Baroque Instruments, Celtic Instruments, Cinematic Percussion and Sound effects, Choirs, … etc. etc. etc.

Halion 4 is a great sampler, but badly needs professionally produced libraries.Why are you not providing this ? and why aren’t there any third-party developers offering Halion 4 libraries ?

I would love to get some feedback from Steinberg Development on this topic.

I’m sure other Halion 4 users would like to see this happen, and read some direct feedback from your Halion 4 soundware development team (I’m guessing such a dept. or team exists :wink:

Thanks for listening,


I think it may be because the third-party developers spend much of their time creating sample packages for Kontakt, as they see it as a more established platform. Halion-4 was such a long time coming that Kontakt was able to get a dominant foothold in the market.

+1 any additional sound libraries would be great especially if they were made to the quality of camel audio :wink:

I don’t think so. The most of libraries in the market don’t need Kontakt, Halion or any other sampler. They only need a compatible host (AU, VST, RTAS, etc) and sometimes an iLok. Without going any further, The Grand 3 doesn’t need Halion :exclamation:

(I’ve floated this idea before but what do you guys think?)

I think it would be great if you could create .vstsound files using H4 that were playable in HALion Sonic SE. It would be the opposite to Native Instruments … with them you get a free player, but have to pay for the libraries, and if you get a free library, it will only play in the full version of Kontakt.

HSSE comes with all editions of Cubase, so Steinberg already have an almost “free” player in the form of Cubase LE, and if there was a community-contributed free library for HSSE it would be a huge incentive for people to try out Cubase, and consequently HSSE and H4.

or HALion Sonic…

I think that would be a good idea. There is obviously some “version” of HALion 4 (like an SDK) that allows building of the “Macro” pages and exporting VST sound files that work in HSSE and HS. It just doesn’t seem to be available to the public. With Kontakt, I believe, via scripting, you have all the tools necessary to build a fully functioning library. Maybe there would be more third party interest in developing libraries if H4 was set up similar to Kontakt.

It looks to me like most “good” library developers have created their own player and shun the other monolithic formats. Even Kontakt content has slowed from major library devs. My guess is that there is little chance of a small dev doing H4 because the user base is so small compared to Kontakt.

So, that leaves us with Steinberg to find the libraries. Then they are stuck trying to make the library work across the Halion family + stand alone macro version. This really dumbs down and overly restricts the library to the point H4 does’t really give you much in terms of the add-on libraries. Kontakt, Halion, Mach5 etc… are probably going to be strictly for those that want to customize their own sample configuration very soon.