Why isn't the fret shown in the tab staff?

I’m wondering why the fret number is not showing in the following example:

I was expecting a 15 on the second string or a 10 on the first string. But it shows empty :thinking:
Anyone know why ?
designating a string in the properties for that note has zero effect.

handling bends is one of the main things that has to be improved on the guitar side of Dorico to me (with harmonics as well as chord diagrams), I do hope v5 will bring major improvements in this area :slight_smile:

The tab numbers represent the physical fret position of your fingers, so it doesn’t draw a 15 because they aren’t actually placed at the 15th fret. (If Dorico did draw a 15 it would make it look like there was a slide of some sort.) If you finally release the bend entirely, so that the note returns to its original pitch then Dorico does draw a “(13)” in that case, but this is really just a reminder, and in fact you can turn it off in Engraving Options. In that case because you really are at the 13th fret there is no ambiguity.